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Randall Staging Concepts


Why Stage?  

Staging is crucial if the seller wants to maximize the price point for their property. 

Easily accomplished tasks such as a simple redesign, painting, decluttering, reorganizing and staging can make a difference in sale price by up to 10%. 

For a $500k home, that is another $50k increase in price for that home.  Invest $10k for a 20% ROI.  The NUMBERS always makes sense! 


If your agent doesn't encourage staging, what do you do?  Find someone else who believes in the power of staging, of course!  You can also see our listings as well as gallery pictures for what staging can do for you.

How can we help?

We will work with you to assess your staging needs.

Each project is unique, just like you.  

Our goal is the same as yours, which is to maximize ROI, and create an emotional connection with potential buyers.

Shared Experience

We are committed to helping you sell!
Remember why you fell in love with your house?

Help us to accentuate those qualities and turn your home into a house for sale!

About Heather

I started my business career at a mortgage company where I was introduced to Accounting, Business, and Management.  After serving for 22+ years in the public and government sectors, I decided to turn to business consulting.  I am most proud of earning my master's in business and my knowledge acquired through serving within each of my unique roles.  

I am a 2019 accredited home stager and started staging in March 2020.  My work is diverse with projects ranging from a $2M new build, to smaller spaces with condos and townhouses, and of course everything in between.  I prefer to work in empty spaces in order to create something new.  We have offered our embellish services to select customers as well.  

As with any startup phase, the staging world was very new for me.  I am most proud of learning what it takes to purchase and maintain inventory and building a staging gallery to attract new clients.  The biggest reward for me personally is seeing the listings with all of those new gorgeous pictures.  There is nothing better than replacing outdated pictures with a fresh new story for a house to be a new chapter for a potential buyer.


With a long history in accounting, of course my numbers will always be my first love language.  I continue to provide my business and accounting services to Randall CAP's many endeavors, and staging has opened the doors for my creativity to thrive.

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