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Randall CAP

The Randall family goes back to the founding of Frederick when Johann Thomas Schley built the first house in the wilderness that was to become Frederick City.  Over the years the family remained invested in the community through its founding and multigenerational ownership of the Frederick News-Post.  The Randall Family sold the News-Post in 2017 but remains invested in the community that supported it for generations.

Randall CAP is a family office, a management company, and a consulting business.  It is primarily a family office that provides services for the Randall Family, through managing and coordinating the family’s charitable giving, financial and business assets, and real estate property.
While its main focus is on providing services to the Randall Family and related entities, Randall CAP also offers its services to outside clients.  Randall CAP also provides high-level strategic management consulting.

Our Team

Will Randall

Will Randall, a (more-or-less) Frederick County native, is the Founder and President of Randall CAP.  Will specializes in family asset management and philanthropic activities, high-level management and leadership development, real estate management, and start-up and entrepreneurial support.  Will has amassed a variety of business skills and functions through completion of his MBA from Hood College, his previous role as CEO of Randall Family, LLC, (publishers of the Frederick News-Post and FNP Printing and Publishing), his involvement with start-ups in the mid atlantic region, and his various volunteer and networking activities.


Will is passionate about helping to reinforce and facilitate the economic and cultural growth we are experiencing in Frederick County. He is a 2013 Leadership Frederick Graduate, is active in YPO, the Rotary Club of Frederick and various nonprofits.

Heather Hardy.jpg
Heather Hardy


Heather Hardy moved to Frederick from PA in 1989.  During her sophomore year at Hood College, she became gainfully employed at a local mortgage company where she “grew up in the company” and was introduced to Accounting, Business, and Management.  In addition to her extensive experience of +22 years within both public and government sectors, she attributes her more recent success serving as Controller, to pursuing her MBA at Mt St Mary's.  

Heather believes in hard work and has a passion for the arts and continuous learning.  As a young girl she dreamed of becoming a teacher, which does not always translate to a traditional teacher/classroom role.  Heather strives to be someone who helps others and shares her knowledge, knowing that empowerment makes everyone richer.  When people become empowered, they take ownership and their commitment to success increases.

Selected Clients

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