Biz Services

Randall CAP provides value to small businesses by leveraging its experience and valuable network of professional relationships.  The company has experience working with a diverse set of businesses and organizations, including sales, media, manufacturing, logistics, real estate, government contracting, and nonprofits.  Randall CAP also has a network of private investors and traditional institutions to aid in financing your business.


Consulting Services


Randall CAP provides high-level strategic management consulting, including:

  • Due diligence services for acquisitions

  • Advice for start-up and small businesses

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership development

  • Risk management

  • High level HR advice

  • High level IT advice and consulting

  • General business legal guidance

  • Business plan writing and strategic planning


Bookkeeping Services


The company provides administrative back-office services such as accounting consulting, projects, and services, as well as turnkey book keeping services. 

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Discussing the Numbers