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Putting Our Experience to

Work for You

Family Office Services
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Randall CAP is a family office, a management company, and a consulting business.  It is primarily a family office that provides services for the Randall family, through managing and coordinating the family’s charitable giving, financial and business assets, and real estate property.

Image courtesy of the Frederick News-Post

Supporting You

Randall CAP provides high-level strategic management consulting, including due diligence services for acquisitions, advice for start-up and small businesses, executive coaching, leadership development, and risk management.  It also provides value to small businesses by leveraging its valuable network of professional relationships.


The company provides administrative back-office services such as accounting consulting and services, business legal advice, IT advice and consulting, and high level HR advice.

In the News


What are we up to?

Randall CAP and its partners are actively involved with their communities.  Here we will serve up news about Randall CAP, its clients, and its partners.  From time to time we also post articles and bits of information that we find interesting or useful.

Image courtesy of the Frederick News-Post

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